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نمونه مکالمه سطح پیشرفته انگلیسی همراه متن

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نمونه مکالمه سطح پیشرفته انگلیسی همراه متن
امروز شنبه 29 تیر 1398

نمونه مکالمه سطح پیشرفته انگلیسی همراه متن

Money Matters

Ron: Uh, could I borrow a few bucks until payday? I'm a little strapped for cash.

Nancy: Uh, yeah, I guess, but I'm pinching pennies myself, and you still owe me $20 from last week. And mom and your friend Ron said you borrowed money from them this past week. [Oh, yeah.] How ARE things going anyway?

Ron: Well, not very well. To be honest, I'm really in the hole , and I can't seem to make ends meet these days.

Nancy: What do you mean? I thought you landed a great job recently, so you must be loaded.

Ron: Well, I do have a job, but I've used my credit cards to pay off a lot of things recently, but now, I can't seem to pay the money off.

Nancy: Uh, do you have a budget? I mean, how do you keep track of your income and expenses?

Ron: Well, when my money runs out, I come to you. Of course. [Great!] No, but I guess I should have some financial plan.

Nancy: Well, let me see if I can help you. How much money do you spend on your apartment?

Ron: Uh, I pay $890 on rent for the studio apartment downtown . . . not including utilitiesand cable TV. But the place has an awesome view of the city.

Nancy: Uh, $890! Why are you paying through the nose for such a small place when you could find a cheaper one somewhere outside of the downtown area?

Ron: Yeah, I guess.


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